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(Frequently Asked Questions)

questionHow many days a week should I train?
" This is a question that comes up countless times in the gym? It really depends on a number of factors. Typically, I answer that question with: "Where are we starting from and where are we trying to go, in terms of fitness level?."

In a nutshell, there’s maintenance goals, fat loss & toning goals, and fitness & high performance goals. Depending on your experience and where you set expectations, consistency plays a huge role, in terms of success. Let KAMLife, be a vehicle to help you reach new heights in terms of fitness and overall health. "
questionMy schedule is so busy, I don’t think I actually have the time during the week to train, Do I have time for a trainer?
" For this question, I like to use one of the great old adages. "You will make time for what you want to do in life.” Here’s another adage, it takes a village to raise a family. To help with the commitment to effect change in your mental and physical health, you should use all of the resources available to you, which also includes KAMLife. If it’s time during the nights that are tough, try the morning, if the mornings are tough because of school, work, or family, try the weekends. if you enjoy your weekends & you are not a morning person, then use the evenings with assistance from your familial or social networks. Use your personal resources to help you fulfill this goal, it can be done, and we are here to help.


questionAre all carbs bad? Should I stay away from them completely?
" This is a loaded question, but for time purposes, I will say this. Not all carbs are bad, however, there are bad carbs out there for you. It’s important to have carbohydrates as part of your diet. You will need them to sustain energy during your workouts. Choose wisely, when and what carbs you ingest into your body. Some carbs have a low glycemic effect than others, which are good, but for longer workouts, medium glycemic carbs aren’t a bad choice either to sustain energy. The key is to stay away from enriched products that have artificial ingredients that negatively effect your body’s performance. The key, provide yourself with healthy choices (IE. Fruits & veggies) that complement your body so you can perform well day in and day out. "
questionWhy is important to have fat in my diet?
" There’s saturated (bad) fats and mono & poly (good) saturated fats that can be consumed in the diet. It’s important for these good fats to be a part of your diet for many reasons including, helping you get rid of the bad fats that clog your arteries and for heart health, among other superlatives. Make sure you have a diet that is filled with mono and polysaturated fats. Also, It can help with your digestive health, immune system, and the transport of vitamins and minerals to sustain wellness. Do you body well, it deserves it!! "


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Khalid A. McLeod, KAM
Master of Science, NASM, ACE, NCCPT, NCSF-CEU Provider

International Speaker

Conditioning Specialist

Nutrition Consultant




Khalid McLeod is one of the nation's leading health and fitness experts. With more than two decades of experience, Khalid's footprint in the health and fitness industry has crossed many boundaries.


His achievements have been well documented in various forums, including international lectures from Rome to Tokyo on topics which include Adult/Childhood obesity, Nutrition for Elite Athletes, and Advanced Program Design and Periodization.

Khalid has worked with highly conditioned athletes in Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL).  He has been involved in government contracts to develop and improve wellness programs and recruitment standards. He particularly enjoys working with collegiate and high school athletes, along with various trainers and conditioning specialists from all walks of life, domestic and abroad. 

Khalid's press accolades include the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic,  and Fitness Style Magazine.


Throughout his stellar career, Khalid's work has been featured, most recently on Channel 8, ABC News Affiliate Morning Show, to promote health, fitness, and wellness to many professionals and purists through workshops, panels, and various forums.  


As a former all conference Collegiate athlete, and recently Hall of Famer, Khalid holds a dual Masters in exercise physiology and nutrition as well as various certifications from several organizations in the industry.



Sherry Kistler
Vice President of Operations, NASM, NCCPT, NCSF-CEU Provider

Certified Personal Trainer

After several years of working in the corporate world in IT sales and recruiting, Sherry Kistler decided to pursue a career in the Health & Fitness industry. An avid fitness enthusiast since her earlier years, Sherry decided to combine her two passions of fitness, and nurturing of others in terms of health and wellness by obtaining her certification as a Personal Trainer with the NASM and NCCPT. Soon after, she began training clients, working for KamLife LLC., a Washington DC based Fitness Consulting company, devoting herself to continuing growth and education.


As a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the world's leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals, Sherry makes a point of staying on top of the latest fitness research and trends, by attending National Fitness conferences each year, globally, enabling her to stay on top of the latest techniques and methodologies for her professional and personal training clients.


Over the course of her professional career, Sherry earned many awards in sales and marketing and has used that experience in the fitness industry where she developed, organized and presented Wellness Outreach Programs for corporate organizations such as Verizon and Telecom. These outreach programs helped assist in aiding these organizations in improving working productivity, reducing absenteeism, and improving overall corporate culture and camaraderie.


Her functional and dynamic approach to fitness prepares her clients appropriately for the challenges of their daily lives, creating workouts and nutritional programs that leave them feeling empowered and inspired. Sherry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech.