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"My wife and I were regulars at our gym for about a year when we decided to hire a trainer. We had observed Khalid and Sherry working with other clients and admired their professionalism. "


"Khalid and Sherry began by doing a complete fitness and functional review of both my wife and I. Khalid then established a workout program for me consistent with my goals and the fact that I am 68 and have a total knee replacement and weak back issues. "


"I have been working with Khalid (he even works out with me) for about 4 months now and I can already see and feel the results. My upper body and core are stronger. My knee is fully operational and I am increasing my flexibility, endurance, and attitude. My golf swing is even getting better; I can finally get through the ball. My wife and I could not be happier. We highly recommend the KamLife team. "


John and Judy


"I have worked with lots of trainers in gyms where I have belonged. NONE has been as professional, attentive to detail, informed and personable as Khalid.


I am a 62-year old woman with little natural athletic ability, but I want to stay active, limber and energetic for a long, long time. Khalid took time to get to know me, my lifestyle, my strengths and weaknesses. He challenges me each session, but never pushes beyond my capabilities. The whole-body evaluation he provides for clients is amazing -- it may not be fun to have your body fat measured, but in the end he builds a program for toning and strengthening that works.


After two months I am more energetic, more limber and, by the way, slimmer, than I have been in years. This guy is a professional and delivers far more than any trainer I have seen or worked with."


Mary J.



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